Message strings

Phrase Language Welsh
about-codebase-licence English Codebase licence
Welsh Trwydded cod ffynhonnell
about-contributors English Contributors
Welsh Cyfranwyr
about-contributors-calltoaction English You can add your own name to this list! If you find something you'd like to improve, fork this repository and submit a pull request. If you need help, ask someone on IRC.
Welsh about-contributors-calltoaction
about-contributors-lede English The following people committed the code that runs this site:
Welsh about-contributors-lede
about-credits English Credits
Welsh Cydnabyddiaethau
about-credits-govuk English The website layout is based on GOV.UK, which is created by the Government Digital Service. The assets are licenced under the MIT licence and are thus freely available. For more information, check the source code of this project.
Welsh about-credits-govuk
about-credits-thirdparty English Third-party credits
Welsh about-credits-thirdparty
about-dep-desc English Description
Welsh Disgrifiad
about-dep-dropdown English {{count}} dependencies ({{direct}} direct)
Welsh about-dep-dropdown
about-dep-licence English Licence
Welsh Trwydded
about-dep-name English Name
Welsh Enw
about-dep-version English Version
Welsh Fersiwn
about-git-branch English This website is currently running on branch {{branch}}.
Welsh about-git-branch
about-git-hash English The current Git hash is:
Welsh Mae y clwyd Git yn:
about-git-heading English Git information
Welsh Gwybodaeth Git
about-header English About this website
Welsh Am y gwefan hwn
about-i18n-header English Internationalization
Welsh Rhyngwladoli
about-i18n-header-routes English Routes
Welsh Ffyrdd
about-i18n-header-strings English Message strings
Welsh Llinynau neges
about-i18n-invalidcode English There are no translations for the code you requested.
Welsh (no translation)
about-i18n-key English Phrase
Welsh Allwedd
about-i18n-lang-cy English Welsh
Welsh Cymraeg
about-i18n-lang-en English English
Welsh Saesneg
about-i18n-lang-jbo English Lojban
Welsh (no translation)
about-i18n-lang-qqx English Message documentation
Welsh Dogfennaeth
about-i18n-language English {{name}} ({{code}})
Welsh {{name}} ({{code}})
about-i18n-nokeys English There are no phrases to translate.
Welsh (no translation)
about-i18n-noroutes English There are no routes to translate.
Welsh (no translation)
about-i18n-notranslation English (no translation)
Welsh (dim cyfieithiad)
about-i18n-percentage English {{percentage}}% complete
Welsh {{percentage}}% wedi'i gwblhau
about-i18n-progress English {{curr}} phrases translated
Welsh about-i18n-progress
about-i18n-table-keys English Phrases
Welsh Allweddi
about-i18n-table-language English Language
Welsh Iaith
about-i18n-table-progress English Translation progress
Welsh Cynnydd cyfieithiad
about-link English About this website
Welsh Am y gwefan hwn
about-mit-licence English The MIT Licence
Welsh Mae'r Trwydded MIT
about-nochanges English There are no outstanding changes on this server to push upstream to GitHub.
Welsh (no translation)
about-privacy-cookies English It also uses cookies, which are small files placed on your computer. These are used to store your preferred interface language, and to allow you to log in, and are necessary for the website to work properly.
Welsh about-privacy-cookies
about-privacy-dnt English This website uses Google Analytics, but it is turned off for you because your browser has the “Do Not Track” setting enabled.
Welsh (no translation)
about-privacy-ganalytics English This website uses Google Analytics, which we use to help improve the website. To opt out, set the “Do Not Track” setting in your browser.
Welsh Mae'r wefan hon yn defnyddio Google Analytics.
about-privacy-heading English Privacy information
Welsh Gwybodaeth preifatrwydd
about-stat-ahead English unpushed changes
Welsh about-stat-ahead
about-stat-dirty English changed files
Welsh about-stat-dirty
about-stat-untracked English untracked files
Welsh about-stat-untracked
add-comment-button English Add comment
Welsh (no translation)
add-comment-dropdown English Add comment
Welsh (no translation)
admin-actions English Actions
Welsh (no translation)
admin-addtoreadinglist English Add to reading list
Welsh (no translation)
admin-advertising English Advertising
Welsh (no translation)
admin-advertising-longlist English Promote adding books to the longlist
Welsh (no translation)
admin-advertising-readinglist English Promote viewing the reading list
Welsh (no translation)
admin-advertising-shortlist English Promote voting on the shortlist
Welsh (no translation)
admin-advertising-submit English Submit changes
Welsh Cadw'r holl newidiadau
admin-approvals English Approvals
Welsh Cymeradwyaethau
admin-author English Author
Welsh Awdur
admin-book English Book
Welsh LLyfr
admin-bookstates English Book states
Welsh (no translation)
admin-noadmins English This installation has no administrators defined. See the README for details.
Welsh (no translation)
admin-permissions English permissions
Welsh (no translation)
admin-permissions-addtolonglist English Allow adding books to the longlist
Welsh (no translation)
admin-permissions-allowvoting English Allow voting on the shortlist
Welsh (no translation)
admin-state English Book club states
Welsh (no translation)
administration English Administration
Welsh (no translation)
api English Application Programming Interface
Welsh Rhyngwyneb Rhaglennu Cymwysiadau
api-createdon English Generated at
Welsh api-createdon
api-delete-button English Revoke key
Welsh api-delete-button
api-introduction English You can use an API key in place of logging in, via the ?key= GET parameter.
Welsh api-introduction
api-json-dropdown English List of JSON endpoints
Welsh api-json-dropdown
api-json-prose English The following is an automatically generated list of JSON endpoints, which may be useful. Note that the API key works on all pages, not just ones ending in .json.
Welsh api-json-prose
api-key English API key
Welsh api-key
api-lastused English Last used
Welsh api-lastused
api-never English Never
Welsh (no translation)
api-newkey-button English Generate an API key
Welsh (no translation)
api-nokey English You have no API key assigned to your account. Click the button below to generate one.
Welsh (no translation)
api-regen-button English Revoke this key and generate another
Welsh api-regen-button
api-username English Username
Welsh api-username
api-uses English Times used
Welsh api-uses
apikey-link English Generate an API key
Welsh Cynhyrchu allwedd API
autonym English English
Welsh Cymraeg
back English Back
Welsh yn ôl
banner-incompletevotes English You have not voted on {{count}} long listed books. Click here to vote.
Welsh (no translation)
book English Book
Welsh Llyfr
book-add-note English Add note
Welsh Adio nodyn
book-ballot-already-read English Already read
Welsh Eisoes yn darllen
book-ballot-already-read-no English No
Welsh Naddo
book-ballot-already-read-yes English Yes
Welsh Do
book-ballot-approval English Approval
Welsh Yn cymeradwyo
book-ballot-approval-no English No
Welsh Naddo
book-ballot-approval-yes English Yes
Welsh Do
book-ballot-changedmind English Δ
Welsh (no translation)
book-ballot-changedmind-title English {{user}} voted the other way last time
Welsh (no translation)
book-ballot-notvotedyet English You must vote before you can see the ballots for this book.
Welsh (no translation)
book-ballot-owns-copy English Owns copy
Welsh Eisioes yn berchen ar gopi
book-ballot-owns-copy-no English No
Welsh Nac ydy
book-ballot-owns-copy-yes English Yes
Welsh Ydy
book-ballot-title English Ballot results
Welsh Canlyniadau Pleidlais
book-ballot-voter English Voter
Welsh Pleidleisiwr
book-book-by English a book by {{author}}
Welsh llyfr gan {{author}}
book-categories English Categories
Welsh Categorïau
book-club English Book club
Welsh Clwb llyfr
book-club-lede English Welcome to the the Zuzakistan Common Reading Programme.
Welsh Croeso i Rhaglen Darllen Cyffredin Sŵsacistan.
book-congress English LoCC
Welsh Dosbarthiad Llyfrgell y Gyngres
book-congress-b English Philosophy (General)
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-bf English Psychology
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-d English History (General)
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-da English History of Great Britain
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-ds English History of Asia
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-hb English Economic theory and Demography
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-hc English Economic history and conditions
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-hd English Industries, Land use and Labour
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-hg English Finance
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-hv English Social pathology, Social and public welfare, and Criminology
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-jc English Political theory
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-jn English Political institutions and public administration (Europe)
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-p English Literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pa English Greek and Latin language literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pb English Modern and Celtic languages
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pg English Slavic, Baltic and Albanian languages
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pl English Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa and Oceania
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pn English Literature (General)
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pq English French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pr English English literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-ps English American literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pt English Germanic literature
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-pz English Juvenile fiction
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-q English Science
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-qa English Mathematics
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-rc English Internal medicine
Welsh (no translation)
book-congress-tk English Electrical engineering, Electronics, and Nuclear engineering
Welsh (no translation)
book-dewey English DDC
Welsh Dosbarthiad Degol Dewey
book-difficult English This book has been marked as long or difficult.
Welsh (no translation)
book-edit-note English Edit note
Welsh Golygu nodyn
book-edit-note-back English Return to {{title}}
Welsh (no translation)
book-edit-note-field English Note contents
Welsh (no translation)
book-edit-note-heading English Editing {{title}} by {{author}}
Welsh (no translation)
book-edit-note-submit English Edit description
Welsh (no translation)
book-isbn English International Standard Book Number
Welsh Rhif Llyfr Safonol Rhyngwladol
book-isbn-abbrev English ISBN
Welsh ISBN
book-language English Language
Welsh Iaith
book-language-en English English
Welsh Saesneg
book-language-unknown English Unknown
Welsh (no translation)
book-longlisted-by English Longlister
Welsh Henwebu gan
book-maturity-rating English Maturity
Welsh Aeddfedrwydd
book-maturity-rating-mature English Mature
Welsh Aeddfedrwydd
book-maturity-rating-not-mature English Not mature
Welsh Dim aeddfedrwydd
book-noinfo English We have no information about this book.
Welsh Does dim gwybodaeth am y llyfr hwn gyda ni.
book-onreadinglist English On the reading list
Welsh ar rhesr ddarllen
book-pagecount English Pages
Welsh Tudalennau
book-preview English Preview online
Welsh Rhagolwg y llyfr
book-publishedDate English Published date
Welsh Dyddiad cyhoeddi
book-publisher English Publisher
Welsh Cyhoeddwr
book-readingstatus English Reading status
Welsh Statws darllen
book-status English Reading status
Welsh Statws darllen
chanstat-header English IRC channel statistics
Welsh Ystadegau sianel IRC
chanstat-breadcrumb English Most recent {{number}} lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-100k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent 100,000 lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-1k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent thousand lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-5k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent five thousand lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-10k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent ten thousand lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-25k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent 25,000 lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-50k English View the IRC channel statistics for the most recent 50,000 lines
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-all English View the IRC channel statistics since the dawn of time
Welsh (no translation)
chanstat-link-lab English View the IRC channel statistics for the bot development channel
Welsh (no translation)
err-dryrun English Just a drill! :)
Welsh (no translation)
error English Error
Welsh Gwall
error-403-back English Return to home page
Welsh (no translation)
error-403-heading English 403: Permission Error
Welsh 403: Gwall canitâd
error-403-prose English You are not allowed to execute the action you requested.
Welsh Ni chaniateir i chi wneud y weithred y gwnaethoch gais amdani.
error-404-back English Return to home page
Welsh (no translation)
error-404-heading English 404: Not Found
Welsh (no translation)
error-404-perfect-misunderstanding English It looks like there has been…
Welsh (no translation)
error-404-prose English We weren't able to find what you were looking for.
Welsh (no translation)
error-500-back English Return to home page
Welsh error-500-back
error-500-heading English 500: Server Error
Welsh error-500-heading
error-500-prose English Something went wrong. It wasn't your fault.
Welsh error-500-prose
error-500-stack-dropdown English Technical information
Welsh error-500-stack-dropdown
error-500-stack-nostack English We do not have any more information
Welsh (no translation)
error-501-back English Return to home page
Welsh Yn ôl i'r hafan
error-501-heading English Placeholder
Welsh Dalfan
error-501-prose English The requested content is not yet available. Please try again later.
Welsh (no translation)
error-generic-header English We encountered a problem.
Welsh (no translation)
error-unknown English An unknown error occurred.
Welsh Cafwyd gwall anhysbys
fallback English «{{content}}»
Welsh «{{content}}»
gov-zk English GOV.ZK
Welsh GOV.ZK
hello-world English Hello, World!
Welsh Helo, Byd!
history English History
Welsh history
history-freeform English Freeform
Welsh Testun rhydd
history-heading English History for {{user}}
Welsh Hanes darllen o {{user}}
history-pages English Pages
Welsh Tudalennau
history-status English status
Welsh Statws
history-subtitle English for {{title}} by {{author}}
Welsh i {{title}} gan {{author}}
history-time English Time
Welsh Amser
home English Home
Welsh Hafan
home-defaultfortune English For even made up countries need intranets
Welsh (no translation)
homepage-bookclub-link English Join the book club
Welsh Ymaelodi y clwb llyfr
homepage-governance-header English Governance
Welsh Gweinydd
homepage-gsi-link English Visit the GSI
Welsh Mynd i'r gwefan llywodraethol
homepage-nav-header English Popular activities
Welsh Gweithgareddau poblogaidd
homepage-pisg-link English View IRC stats
Welsh Gweld ystadegau IRC
homepage-webm-link English Watch videos
Welsh Gwilio fideos
irc-alreadyused English Verification code already used. Please refresh and try again.
Welsh (no translation)
irc-errorconnecting English Error connecting to IRC network
Welsh (no translation)
irc-keynotfound English Key not found.
Welsh (no translation)
irc-notwhitelisted English Your nickname is not on the whitelist. If you already have an account, please change your IRC nickname to the one you used to sign in originally, then try again.
Welsh (no translation)
irc-return English Please return to your browser to continue.
Welsh Dychwelwch â'ch porwr i barhau.
irc-unrecognized English Verification code not recognized. Please refresh and try again.
Welsh (no translation)
irc-verify English VERIFY
issues-link English Report a problem
Welsh Rhoi gwybod am broblem
languages English In other languages
Welsh Ieithoedd eraill
log-in English Log in
Welsh Mewngofnodi
login-alreadyloggedin English You are already logged in as {{user}}. You cannot log in again.
Welsh (no translation)
login-button English Log in
Welsh Mewngofnodi
login-button-preamble English Once you have done that, you can:
Welsh Yna gallwch:
login-header English Log in / create account
Welsh Mewngofnodi / creu cyfrif
login-instruction English Please issue the following command in your IRC client:
Welsh Teipiwich i mewn i'ch rhaglen sgwrsio:
login-lede English Your account is associated with your IRC nickname.
Welsh Mae rhaid i chi mewngofnodi gyda dy enw defnyddiwr ystaffel sgwrsio.
login-long English Log in to gov.zk
Welsh Mewngofnodi o gov.zk
login-whatisirc English What is IRC?
Welsh Beth yw IRC?
login-whatisirc-answer English Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an old text-only way of communicating with people over the Internet.
Welsh Mae "Internet Relay Chat" yn dull o anfon negeseuon drywr'r rhyngrwyd.
logout-long English Log out of gov.zk
Welsh Allgofnodi o gov.zk
long-list English Long list
Welsh Rhestr hir
long-list-link English View the long list
Welsh Golgyu y rhestr hir
longlist English Long list
Welsh Rhestr hir
longlist-add-book English Add a book to the long list
Welsh Adio llyfr i rhestr hir
longlist-add-book-disabled English Adding books to the longlist is currently disabled.
Welsh Dych chi'n ddim yn gallu adio llyfrau ar hyn o bryd.
longlist-add-book-fail English Some parameters were missing. The book has not been added.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-add-form-author English Book author
Welsh Awdur llyfr
longlist-add-form-booktitle English Book title
Welsh Teitl llyfr
longlist-add-form-difficult English This book is long or difficult
Welsh Mae y llyfr hwn yn hir neu annodd
longlist-add-form-submit English Add book
Welsh Adio llyfr
longlist-add-isbn-button English Add ISBN
Welsh Adio ISBN
longlist-add-isbn-header English Add ISBN
Welsh Adio ISBN
longlist-add-lede English Please enter some basic details about the book.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-add-title English Add a book
Welsh Adio llyfr
longlist-author English Author
Welsh Awdur
longlist-edit-isbn-button English Edit ISBN
Welsh Golygu ISBN
longlist-edit-isbn-fail English We couldn't find the right book to edit.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-edit-isbn-header English Edit ISBN
Welsh Golygu ISBN
longlist-getdata English Get data
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-lede-past English The first step into deciding which books to read was to narrow the many available novels into a smaller list.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-lede-present English The first step in deciding which books to read is to narrow down the many available novels into a smaller list.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-metadata-bad English Metadata missing
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-metadata-missing English Some metadata missing; try a different ISBN
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-metadata-ok English Metadata OK
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-metadataproblem English Books with a red {{glyph}} have problems with metadata.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-nobooks English No books have been added to the long list.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-return English Return to the long list
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-secondpara-past English This long list is an initial, longer list from which a shortlist was extracted.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-secondpara-present English This longlist is an initial, longer list from which a shortlist will be extracted. Accordingly, feel free to add any texts that could be good to read: the less appropriate items will be filtered away later, so don't worry too much.
Welsh (no translation)
longlist-status English Status
Welsh Statws
longlist-title English Title
Welsh Teitl
or English or​
Welsh neu
other-actions English Other actions
Welsh (no translation)
phasetag-alpha English alpha
Welsh (no translation)
phasetag-beta English beta
Welsh (no translation)
phasetag-dev English dev
Welsh (no translation)
phasetag-prod English prod
Welsh (no translation)
phasetag-test English test
Welsh (no translation)
placeholder English nothing here
Welsh dim byd yma
reading-acknowledged English acknowledged
Welsh wedi cydnabod
reading-arrived English arrived
Welsh wedi cyrraedd
reading-awaiting-readers English Awaiting readers…
Welsh (no translation)
reading-finished English finished
Welsh wedi gorffen
reading-list English Reading list
Welsh Rhestr Ddarllen
reading-list-lede English The following books have been selected to be read by the community.
Welsh (no translation)
reading-list-link English Read the reading list
Welsh Darllen y rhestr ddarllen
reading-list-no-books English There are no books on the reading list.
Welsh (no translation)
reading-ordered English ordered
Welsh wedi archebu
reading-progress English Progress
Welsh Cynnydd
reading-reject English rejected
Welsh (no translation)
reading-stalled English stalled
Welsh (no translation)
reading-started English started
Welsh wedi dechrau
reading-status English Status
Welsh Statws
reading-update-acknowledged English I am going to read this book but haven't got a copy yet
Welsh Bydd dw i darllen y llyfr, ond dw i ddim wedi dechrau darllen
reading-update-arrived English I have a copy of the book but I haven't started reading
Welsh Mae llyfr wedi cyrraedd, ond dw i ddim wedi dechrau darllen
reading-update-finished English I have finished reading the book
Welsh Dw i wedi gorffen y llyfr
reading-update-freeform English freeform text
Welsh testun rhydd
reading-update-header English Update status
Welsh Diweddaraf
reading-update-ordered English I've ordered a copy but it hasn't yet arrived
Welsh Dw i wedi archebu y llyfr, ond mae e dim wedi cyrraedd
reading-update-page-number English page number
Welsh rhif y dudalen
reading-update-reject English I am not going to read the book
Welsh Bydd dw i ddim yn darllen y llyfr
reading-update-stalled English I gave up reading the book
Welsh (no translation)
reading-update-started English I have started reading the book
Welsh Dw i wedi dechrau y llyfr
reading-update-submit English Update status
Welsh (no translation)
reading-update-uptopage English I am up to page:
Welsh Dw i ar:
reading-username English Name
Welsh Enw
short-list English Short list
Welsh Rhestr fyr
short-list-link English Vote on the short list
Welsh Pleidleisio ar y rhestr fyr
short-list-link-ro English View the short list
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-approvals English Approvals
Welsh Cymeradwyaethau
shortlist-approvals-allapproved English Unanimous approval by entire electorate
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-approvals-approvedby English Approved by: {{voters}}
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-approvals-approvedby-join English ,
Welsh ,
shortlist-approvals-incomplete English Not all ballots for this candidate have been returned
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-approvals-nil English
shortlist-approvals-nodownvotes English Not all ballots for this candidate have been returned, but all the votes returned so far have been positive
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-alreadyread English Have you read this book before?
Welsh Dych chi wedi darllen y llyfr cyn?
shortlist-ballot-alreadyread-box English I have already read {{title}}
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-havecopy-box English I have access to a copy of {{title}}
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-heading English Shortlisting
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-progress English Ballot {{count}} of {{total}}
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-submit English Cast ballot as {{user}}
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-ballot-wanttoread English Do you want to read this book?
Welsh Dych chi eisiau darllen llyfr yma?
shortlist-ballot-wanttoread-no English No, I don't want to read this book
Welsh Nac ydw, dw i ddim eisiau darllen llyfr yma
shortlist-ballot-wanttoread-yes English Yes, I want to read {{title}} as part of the book club
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-candidate English Candidate
Welsh Ymgeisydd
shortlist-doublevote English You have already voted on that book.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-flag-alreadyread English Somebody has already read this
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-flag-difficult English Marked difficult
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-flag-hasreadingstatus English Someone has updated their reading status for this book
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-flag-longlisted English You longlisted this
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-flags English Flags
Welsh Baneri
shortlist-person-approval-count English {{count}} approvals
Welsh {{count}} cymeradwydaethau
shortlist-person-approval-percent English Approvals
Welsh Cymeradwyaeth
shortlist-person-approval-percent-abbr English Appr.
Welsh Cymerad'
shortlist-person-approval-percent-cell English {{percent}}%
Welsh {{percent}}%
shortlist-person-complete English Complete
Welsh Cwblhau
shortlist-person-elector English Elector
Welsh Etholwr
shortlist-person-nil English Nil
Welsh Dim
shortlist-person-progress English {{count}} of {{total}}
Welsh {{count}} o {{total}}
shortlist-person-progress-overrun English {{count}} of {{total}}
Welsh {{count}} o {{total}}
shortlist-person-votes English Votes
Welsh Pleidleisiau
shortlist-polls-closed English Polls are closed.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-polls-completebutopen English Everybody who has submitted a book to the longlist, or begun voting on the shortlist, has completed their ballots.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-polls-incomplete English Votes shown are provisional, as not everybody who has submitted a book to the longlist, or begun voting on the shortlist, has completed their ballots.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-progress English {{sum}} of {{max}} votes returned.
Welsh {{sum}} o {{max}} pleidleisiau a fwriwyd
shortlist-results English Shortlist results
Welsh Canlyniadau rhestr fyr
shortlist-results-spiel-approval English The shortlist is created using the Approval Voting electoral system. It is a simple way to vote on a large number of candidates without having to rank them individually. The winner is the candidate with the most number of approvals (yes votes).
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-results-spiel-sav English For comparison, the results of Satisfaction Approval Voting are also provided. This is similar to approval voting, except each elector has the equivalent of one vote shared between all their approvals, so that each approval from a voter that votes five times is weighted to one fifth, and a voter who votes ten times has their approval worth one tenth.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-results-spiel-sav-weighting English SAV usually results in an unwieldy irrational number, so the results displayed have been scaled to be a value between {{min}} and {{max}}.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-results-warning English Not all ballots are complete, so the rankings of these books may be misleading
Welsh Mae pleidlesio yn ddim wedi gorffen. Gall y canlyniadau yn gamarweinol.
shortlist-sav English Satisfaction Approval Voting
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-sav-abbr English SAV
Welsh SAV
shortlist-sav-title English {{sav}}% satisfaction
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-selected English Selected {{note}}
Welsh a ddewiswyd ({{note}})
shortlist-stat-unanimous English unanimous books
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-voting-anonwarning English Please note that votes are not anonymous.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-voting-instructions English We are using the “approval” voting system. You can vote for any number of candidates. The candidates with the most “yes” votes wins.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-voting-open English Voting is now open for the shortlist.
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-waiting English Awaiting first ballot
Welsh (no translation)
shortlist-waiting-notyetopen English Waiting for polling to open
Welsh (no translation)
source-link English View the source code
Welsh Edrych cod ffynhonnell
stat-longlist-problems English longlisted books with problems
Welsh llyfrau ar rhestr hir gyda broblemau
stat-longlisted-books English longlisted books
Welsh llyfrau ar rhestr hir
stat-readinglist-count English books on reading list
Welsh llyfrau ar rhestr ddarllen
stat-shortlist-votes English shortlist votes
Welsh pleidleisiau a fwriwyd
welcome English Welcome to Zuzakistan
Welsh Croeso i Sŵsacistan
zuzakistan English Zuzakistan
Welsh Sŵsacistan
cs-quote-wrapper English “{{quote}}”
Welsh “{{quote}}”
cs-quotes-header English Quotes stored
Welsh Dyfyniad wedi storio
cs-bucket-header English Inventory
Welsh Rhestr gyfredol
cs-bucket-header-current English Current inventory
Welsh (no translation)
cs-bucket-header-previous English Previously held items
Welsh (no translation)
cs-title English Civilservant
Welsh Gwas-sifil
cs-urlcount English URLs parsed
Welsh URLs wedi dosrannau
cs-scrabble-header English Scrabble® words
Welsh Geiriau Scrabble®
cs-scrabble-count English high-scoring Scrabble® words
Welsh Geiriau Scrabble® sgorio uchel
cs-bucket-emptyslot English [empty]
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-title English Disable the bot in an emergency
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-form-reason-label English You are disabling the bot because...
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-irrevocable English This can only be undone by manual intervention by a system operator.
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-intro English Use this form to prevent civilservant from tweeting.
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-submit English Stop the bot
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-alert-heading English {{user}} has initiated an emergency shutdown
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-alert-text English {{reason}}
Welsh (no translation)
cs-scram-disabled English {{user}} has disabled the bot because {{reason}}
Welsh (no translation)
homepage-cs-link English View bot information
Welsh Gweld gwybodaeth fot
zuzakistan-full English The Federated Microstates of Zuzakistan
Welsh (no translation)


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